Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2PM: Hotter than Ever Before

Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho
 Now that I have gotten the disappointment of Miss A's comeback being pushed back out of my system. I can finally enjoy the hottest boys in Kpop, and their comeback !!! 2PM will be back with their second full album which is called "Hands Up" on the 20th of June.
Junsu, Taecyeon, Chansung

The teaser photos have already been released and we can see the boys in flashy clothing and riding a limousine, living the good life.What I really liked about the pictures is that even though they all have a common theme, each member gave it his own feel.

Chansung went for a bad ass feel and pulled it off nicely and with style. This is probably why he is known as the old maknae.

Taecyeon was extremely playful in his picture. He even looked kin of crazy, but lovable at the same time. Wild Taec.

Nichkhun's picture was one of my favorites because it showed off a really cute side to this beastly man. He seemed surprised, playful, and young.

Wooyoung looks even cuter than Nichkhun, as he pulls off the young and innocent feel. The Fake Maknae of 2PM does it a gain.

Junsu looked fresh and ready for a night out. He looks different from past promotions but I can't really pinpoint what ... the hairstyle maybe???. Anyway he looks handsome and really white ...

Junho ... Junho ... Junho. Okay after I read that article on allkpop where Junho had said that he wanted to take a shower with his girlfriend, when he got one, that's all I can think about when I see his picture. If you look at him he really does seem the type. Like: "I cant take anyone, I know I'm handsome, I know you want me", or some thing like that. Anyway it's true !!!

credit mtvk.com and JYP Ent

What do you think about the pictures ???
P.S. Does this mean f(x) and 2PM will be going against each other at music programs ???


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