Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Best Kpop Songs Ever - Tier 3

5. T-ara & Super nova - TTL                                                   
credit to yume816          
This song is very different to what people usually expect for T-ara and Supernova. The lyrics express the points of view of both a man and a woman who still have hope of meeting each other again and being together once more, after their relationship has ended. I really love hearing T-ara actually sing ... My point is that most of their songs have words that are not words but just sounds, and minimal sentences. This song on the other hand has great lyrics and the chorus is actually singable. The mix between the female and male voices reminds me of Co-Ed (which is awesome), and I also like that Soyeon gets to be the main singer for this song, since she has awesome vocals.

6. Taeyang - Wedding Dress
In this MV Taeyang is a man that lives a one sided love for a woman. Its just so heartbreaking. At first the MV shows Taeyang going to church all dressed up, and he meets the bride, and you think oh hes getting married .... but suprise. He really isnt getting married, the woman he loves is marrying someone else. Then the MV goes back on their history, showing that the girl was always part of his life, while the man that becomes her husband, would always appear between Teayang and her. 
What is really sad is that he even plays the piano at her weeding :(
I speially like the chorus, which is very powerful, probably due to the powerful dance moves. I also like the way the melody blends extremely well with the piano.
So, the main point is that the song is really good but really sad.