Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Brithday ♥Kyuhyun♥!!!!

Today February 3rd(KST) Super Junior's Kyuhyun turned 23 years old! As you guys know Kyuhyun is the maknae in Super Junior so I hope they give him a lot of presents and a great birthday party (with no girls of course! he, just kidding, nah, not really). Everybody has been sending him Happy Birthday wishes, and the ones who haven't, go do it! He will apreciated (he likes the attention). I think that even though Kyuhyun is not the most popular in Super Junior or the most handsome, whenever he speaks he makes the room and the atmosphere livelier. He also might not say much, but when he does he makes you laugh to the point of having abs like Siwon (yes that much). He makes up a great part of Super Junior and if you can, look him out and you will prove that he is exceptional in every way (his singing is superb so check that out first!).

*Kyuhyun is my bias so don't take it personally, just enjoy!

So to commemorate Kyuhyun's birthday, here is a picture that I think is perfect for the occasion and shows his progression throughout his years in Super Junior so yes... enjoy!!!

Wasn't what you expected was it? Happy Birthday Kyuhyun Oppa!!