Friday, February 18, 2011

K-Pop Guy of the Week - Shim Changmin ♥

Shim Changmin 
Best Known for being the youngest member of the Korean group  TVXQ.

  • Stage Name: Max Changmin
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 186 cm
  • Position: Tenor
  • Hobbies: PC games, reading, singing, listening to music
Family Background
  • Born February 18, 1988
  • Born in Seoul
  • Two younger sisters
  • Both parents are teachers
    TV Shows
    • Currently: has lead role in Paradise Ranch
    • A small role in: Athena: Goddess of War

    -Changmin is considered extremely handsome by many. His return after the two years of absence from the media have given him a more mature look. Before he was cute but today he is handsome.
    -He is also known for being "mean" to his fans but they love him for this and expect his sarcastic remarks. He usually denies his good looks.

    Cute Cuts
    Mirotic Changmin cut                                                    Interview Cut

                                                     Changmin and Yunho at Strong Heart


    Keep Your Head Down

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    1. Recently got to see him in Athena! Kpop is all over Athena!!