Monday, February 21, 2011

Kpop Song of the Week

F.Cuz's Wanna be your Love

포커즈's - 친구졸업 
(or also known as "Friend Graduation")

This song involves a boy/man speaking of confessing his feelings to his female best friend. His intentions are well felt, and it makes me wonder how the girl will react to it. The song does not include what happens after but only of the boy's internal feelings and thoughts. It opens my eyes to realize.."how many guys have been through this but have not had the guts to confess?" We can all learn a lesson from a song from kpop! Turn around and look at your male best friend!  I hope to see this group improve on their music because they can sing well and the music good, but it can be improved! 

1 comment:

  1. yeah i hope they improve too
    i love them
    however i don't see the tie of this video to their following one "midnight sun"

    Ah still love them though!!!!
    so happy that Kan looks cute and sweet in this video!!! (they keep putting him in the back though T.T)