Thursday, September 1, 2011

U-kiss Releases MV for Neverland

MV - The MV was interesting, and kept you watching.
Song - The song is different, but not very catchy. It also lacks the intensity of their previous hits, like "Man Man   Ha Ni", and "Shut Up". Overall the song is a little disappointing, although it seems like the type that grows on people quickly. (EDIT: It grew on me the third time I listened to it, now I feel like singing it !)
Dance - I think this song will look great live because the choreography is very intense ^^
Fashion - I love that they have returned to dark styles, instead of their "flower boy" look. I also love their hair, it looks messy in a good way . (They look really sexy.)

Here is the MV, check it out for yourselves.


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