Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SHINee Lucifer Teaser (Jap. Version)

I am so excited for SHINee at the moment. They are my favorite group and are doing great in Japan. I hope they have a Korean comeback soon, they are awesome.

So as the tittle states this post is about the newly released teaser for "Lucifer", which shows the boys (kinda) dancing on a water floor, and can I say its's just perfect. I trust the Jap. producers in off after the first two Japanese MV's to expect something good. Let's expect more and hope for the MV soon ^^
(Please Please Pleas don't pull a Boyfriend stunt on us ;)

P.S. I rarelly fan girl but SHINee is my weakness<3

Here is the first teaser for their third single Lucifer !!!

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  1. LOL I doubt they'll pull a boyfriend. That would be disappointing.