Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top 5 Female Idols in Blonde Locks

Blonde Hair. Who has been able to pull it off ???

Here are the Top 5 Female idols, who have rocked Blonde Locks !!!
Here we go !!!

1. Jessica - SNSD 
Jessica is the Queen of blonde hair. That is exactly her color.  Although Jessica is beautiful, dark hair makes her look to plane, specially in comparison to some of her fellow members. The blonde makes her stand out and helps us take notice of her talents. She looks fresh and beautiful.

2. CL - 2NE1
CL is a bad ass. Who would deny that ??? Although CL's charm comes from here attitude, blonde hair accentuates her character. She looks even more powerful, like a women in control.

3. Nana - After School
Nana's stylist really made the correct decision here. In the first photo we can see that black hair causes Nanas skin tone to seem washed out and too pale. The blonde color surprisingly fits her style and personality more, and makes her look a lot more high fashion.

5. Gyuri -  Kara

The Goddess has turned to blonde but looks as great as ever. Maybe her comments have convinced us all that she is the best, or her hair is actually great ^^ What do you think ???

6. Suzy - Miss A  

Personally I prefer Suzys hair in a dark shade but I have to accept that she does look good with blonde hair. It makes her look older, but not in a bad way. Our maknae is growing up :( JK

Although there are many idols who have gone blonde, here are five female idols that can actually pull it off without looking weird. Do you have any other memorable mentions ? What do you think about our list ?

P.S. We know GD and Jaejoong look good in blonde, this was a female list :P


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