Friday, September 23, 2011

The Best Kpop Song Ever - Tier 8

#15 - 17 
(Sorry for the SHINee Overload^^)

15. SHINee - A-yo (sub/video credit to PassionFight @YT)
This song is a favorite of SHINee's fans because of  the fact that ALL of the members actually sing. The song is also very addicting and nice to listen to. The only thing I find confusing in the lyrics, is that I have a feeling they are calling the girl dumb, other than that the lyrics are perfect and the song is just beautiful ^^

16. After School - Shampoo (sub/video credit to Platypiz @ YT)
The lyrics of this song are beautiful in my opinion, although they are somewhat creepy they still have beauty. On the other hand the video was the major downfall of the song, and probably the cause of it's low popularity. This is because the MV has nothing to do with the song.  Therefore, below we have the song and lyrics without the useless video ^^

17. SHINee - Kiss Kiss Kiss (sub/video credit to NevaehChocoMint @ YT)
Kiss Kiss Kiss is a Japanese song, and the lyrics and melody of the song are different from SHINee's previous works. Many have compared this song to something TVXQ as five would have done. This song shows great vocals,and the improvement from many of the members.


  1. This is exactly why I nominated your blog for the "One Lovely Blog" award! You are always introducing me to new music ^.^ I think Kiss Kiss Kiss is becoming a favorite song of mine...

  2. OMG this is ironic
    i wanted to congratulate you guys on your blog
    and i picked this to comment it on
    but ~britahysworld~ beat me to it XD

    i just i was just done checking the blog like awlways n.n

    and i just wanted to say how awesome this blog is
    its great

    you guys are doing such a great job
    and trust me i've been reading this blog since it started

    keep up the good work
    i just went form a loyal reader to a religious reader ;D

  3. @britahysworld
    It's cool that you like the Kiss Kiss Kiss, personally it's been playing on my i-pod a lot lately ^^

    Hey thanks for the nomination^^
    ... Q's? Do I continue this, and keep nominating others ? ^^

  4. @JENNY JENNY Thanks I'm so glad you read our blog ^^ This makes me happy !!!

    Makes me want to keep the blog going by myself while the others adjust to school ... It also helps that I love blogging and K-pop ^^

    Thanks ^^