Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Opinion on ZE:A

So I've been learning about ZE:A, and I have come to the conclusion that it's really depressing to be a fan of these boys. The problems not that they're not good but their company is horribly useless. ZE:A is not accessible to new followers becouse there's just a huge lack of promotion. The only thing that has kept ZE:A on the map is Kwanghee's antics, and although I sometimes find him annoying, he is the sole reason ZE:A is somewhat known.

From the songs I've heard, I gather the group has good dancers, good vocals, and good looking members. I actually like them, but I guess they will never have any recognition with a company like Star Empire. I mean Kwanghee is the face of ZE:A right know, and he's not much of a "face", if you know what I mean. Siwon is the face of SuJu, Yoona is the face of SNSD, Kikwang is the face of Beast, Sulli is the face of F(x), and so on .... they make sense, Kwanghee doesn't.

I have watched some shows with ZE:A and the boys are really entertaining, cute, and funny. I really, really, like them. At this point I'm not a fan, just a follower. I will probably keep checking out their shows and activities. May I mention that i consider this group to have some of the best looking members in kpop, and the majority of them are so handsome.

I guess Star Empire dosn't know how to take care of their children... Children of the Empire ...

I will probably end up giving ZE:A a spot on my i-pod because their songs are really catchy, and likable. I hope thye get more recognition.

Here are some songs by ZE:A, what do you think ???

Man 2 Man

Love Coach

Level Up

Heart to Heart

All Day Long


  1. I mean I like them but they don't stick to me.

  2. @britahysworld I guess that's the main reason why they're not that known, they're good but they don't stick...