Friday, August 5, 2011

Super Junior Comeback!!

Kpop groups beware for Super Junior is BACK!
Here is a little backstage that they did (as every group does on their comeback stage). Yet it was amazing to hear the Mighty Mouth in their own performance to mention Super Junior's comeback! (

Before they get to Mr. Simple they introduce themselves with "Super Man." This is an amazing song that prepares and pumps ELF's and other Kpop fans for the coming glory (yet is nowhere to be seen in the albums). Something you can spot from the very beginning is how Siwon stands out as he is the only one not wearing a suit jacket (white against all black!) but also because he is wearing suspenders that make an "X" on his back. Even if he is not your bias, he should still stand out to you. In this performance he disappears, why is still a mystery to me... (You can see him walk away at 1:19) At some point you can swear you hear Ryeowook say "super horny" (actual lyrics "supa horrig/hollik"). And it concludes with "Super Junior, the last men standing!"

Their first comeback stage for "Mr. Simple" is out thanks to KBS's Music Bank. They've stolen thousands of girl's heart fully clothed! What can I say? You should enjoy their performance by viewing it! Actually I'd like to add that I would really want to see Donghae do Eunhyuk's dance part, he's so suave when he dances! 
Here you can enjoy seeing Super Junior rob the stage, by getting all the attention. Since 2NE1 doesn't friend KBS (or the other way around) they get to have all that TV time for themselves. They have no shame, and are not embarrassed to just flare their popularity when its not their time! You can even see Leeteuk is just happily waving to the squealing ELF's and he continues to wave as if nothing is the matter. He even walks towards the audience to conduct some fan-service, I presume.


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