Monday, August 29, 2011

Praise To JYP

I know all the Idol companies are bashed all the time, and many of those times the fans have reasonable resons to do so, but this post is not for that.

Today I am praising JYP Entertainment for their business skills.

Thanks, JYP Entertainment for subbing  the videos from your artist on YouTube. It helps the foreign fan to know the lyrics of your songs without having to go to other channels to look for them. Also, it is smart, because it allows you to accumulate official views on your YouTube channel, instead of at a fan channel, which will not help your artist :)

As an Example here are two songs from JYP Entertainment.

Junhos song sung by 2PM -"Give it to Me"
Junsus song also sung by 2PM - "HOT"
(edit: these songs are really good !!)

I would be very happy if other companies thought about their foreign fans and added subs to their videos.

I know this is random but it gets annoying at times to have to go out and look for subs :(
Anyway thanks for all the subbers on YT who do think about us :)

Any comments or thoughts ???


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