Friday, May 27, 2011

Korean Artist and their Japanese PV's: Part 2

As more and more Kpop stars try to become hallyu stars, kpop entertainment companies are eager to produce music for their Japanese fans.
This week we saw a couple of PV's released.

SHINee with "Replay"                                                                                                

On a different topic, I have to say I love the PV !!! This may be my inner fan-girl speaking but I just can't help it. SHINee is awesome. Seriously who wouldn't date a guy like that, they are so cute. I specially like Jonghyun cleaning the windows, and the way the boys returned so easily to their old images, although a lot more polished after 3 years of experience. I also noticed that this PV has a focus on Taemin, he will probably be the new face of SHINee in Japan, the same way the image of SNSD changed for Yoona (Korea) to Sooyoung (Japan). SHINee will probably do very well in Japan becouse they have a very different image form other male idol groups who have recently debuted in Japan (ex 2PM, B2ST, Super Junior).

I am really sorry I could'nt find the official video with blogger. So be a real SHAWOL and also watch the video hereGive our boys some LOVE !!!

B2ST with "Bad Girl"
B2ST is really bringing fans a lot these days from the release of their Korean album, to their hit performances. Now they have released the PV to Bad Girl in Japan. This PV is really nice and clean cut, but it sort of reminds me of MV's usually done by MBLAQ.?.?.? Other than that I really like it, the vocals are great, the song is great, and the boys are looking better than ever. I was wondering if these guys could get more handsome, but it happened. They are a real gift to the B2UTY's.

Super Junior with "Bijin"
Super Junior decided to bring a much more natural image to their fans with a PV that shows a compilation of various live performances of the song. The boys look great because in my opinion they are the most attractive on stage, when all the energy is high. Super Junior is already known in Japan and have already held a concert there, although they had never had an official debut. E.L.F.'s of the world ... support the boys <3

So...what do you think about the path these three groups have taken ? Do you love it or hate it ?


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