Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hot Debut ... Boyfriend !!!

Fan girls of the world, I welcome a new obsession to obsess over in kpop ... Boyfriend !!!

Boyfriend, a group under Starship Entertainment, the same company that fosters Sistar and K.Will, released their first single and MV today. 

They have been receiving mixed results from fans such as ...
  • Disappointed with the cute concept of the MV after the bad ass teaser,
  • Acceptance of the boys talents and potential,
  • Dislike, specially due to their extremely young age ,
  • and Love at first sight.
Personally I see myself listening to this group because they seem to be great dancers and their first songs are pretty good. Also, they have already showed us that they can pull of the bad boy and cute image  perfectly, so they bring a lot of promise. I'll be waiting to see Boyfriend live on music shows next week !!!

Here are the teaser and the MV for Boyfriend, take a look yourself and tell us what you think about this group !!!


  1. I actually saw the full video to Boyfriend before I saw the teaser. I never would have guessed it was the same group. I admit it's kind of an overboard of cuteness but I like how young they are(the twins are only a year older than me!). Because they can pull off the cute and bad boy image it means they'll most likely be versatile in the future.

  2. It's cool that your younger than them, I'm a year and a half older than them so its a little different. I still like them though, like you said they will surely bring new styles in the future, I'm hoping for the best from them since they have potential.

  3. i always love their performance.even though they're still new in music world but i think they can do it.actually they had done very good performances.many fans love and adore them like me...