Thursday, April 28, 2011

Korean artist and their Japanese PV's Part1

Two very popular Korean groups have made progress today, in their conquest of Japan. They are 2PM and SNSD, who is already known there. Here are there brand new PV's.

SNSD is back with a great original track for the Japanese market. "Mr.Taxi" is a great, catchy, song with a great beat, which I really enjoyed. The PV on the other hand was missing something in my opinion, although I can't really identify what it is, maybe the effects.  In truth i was expecting scenes where the girls go out or something more. The dance was great, and the style all the girls had, were great for this concept. Straight hair sexy outfits.
Here is "Mr.Taxi", what do you think ???

2PM has debuted in the Japanese market with their own original track "Take Off", and surprisingly a softer image. These idols are known for their Beastly image but this song brings out a cuter side to them, even Taec. I really love these guys, and they are almost good in off to help me ignore the weird background which just seems a little tacky. Oh well life is not perfect. These boys deserve better.

P.S. Not completely happy, love the idols, love the song, tolerate the PV
2PM Fighting !!! SNSD Fighting !!!
What do you think of their new concepts and everything else ???

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  1. 2PM's really gives a different feel to them, but SNSD, they need new face-hand-gestures! They are getting old....but the song is very good, and the choreography catchy.