Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 10 Most Handsome Guys in KPOP

For us handsome, is defined by prince charming. Men who fall under this category are the dream prince: good looking, well mannered, manly, cute, and charismatic. Nothing less. 
Top 10 in our Opinion: NO PARTICULAR ORDER

Siwon (Super Junior)
This man is the complete package, he is handsome, a great actor, extremely well mannered, and devoted religiously.

Credit to klmateo

Minho (SHINee)
SHINee's rapper is extremely competitive, and good looking. He is also well mannered with his elders and loved by his hyungs.
credit to daredb  

Chansung (2PM)
Chansung is multi faceted. He is a sexy when dancing, cute when goofing around, and perfectly manly the rest of the time.
Credit to Cherry1Addict

Changmin (TVXQ)
This guy is good looking, frank, and talented. After returning with TVXQ he has shed his baby image and become completely manly.

credit to daredb

Nichkhun (2PM)
The dream man for many girls. Good looking, knows three languages, and is the perfect husband in WGM.

credit to Cherry1Addict

Jinwoon (2AM)
2AM's maknae is cute that cant be denied, but his tall build make him extremely hot as well. The boy has a great voice and is charming.

credit to berrycheesecake

Thunder (MBLAQ)
This guy could be cute, but he doesn't smile often. He is extremely well mannered and manly, specially when speaking about his sister and keeping guys away (ex.his members).


Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
A guy with a wonderful voice and an evil charisma, he always has something to say. Kyu is loved by his members, and some even think he is in charge, although he is the maknae.

credit to kyuhyunmysweetboy1

Kikwang (Beast)
The lead dancer of Beast is charismatic, sexy, funny, talented, and cute, all in one package.

credit to sloides

Donghae (Super Junior)
This guy is handsome and knows it, he can be outgoing or extremely shy depending on the situation. Donghae is just a great guy... don't you think ???
 credit to consumer2567


  1. Changmin definitely deserves to be here :)

  2. nickhun is cute not handsome...

  3. doo jun should be here.... :)

  4. @MiMiLOL ... we actually had a discussion over this when we wrote the post, it ended 2:1 as Nichkhun being handsome, but I guess its up to how you see it ... MizuKyu still thinks he's cute over handsome

  5. I hate this.. Why Yesung of Super Junior didn't make it to the top.. And why kyuhyun make it after all he have a plastic surgery. He had changed his eyes,etc. I like him but I like Yesung most,in my opinion Yesung is the most handsome of all. Saranghae oppa <3..

  6. donghae is the most handsome here thats why many pipol lyk him
    base in pulp and arirang tv , donghae was going to be the most popular korean actor worlwide ..

  7. Minho totally deserves to be here..